A standard employment contract is based on the typical employment lawsuits and covers code & conducts agreed between the employer and the employee.

Sample Standard Employment Contract

Contract Number: 126- C

Effective:  October 10th, 2010

This standard employment contract is executed by and between:

  1. Employer Organization: Welwyn Real Estate Pvt. Ltd

Authorized Address: 45- B, Hampton Street,

Ottawa, Canada.

Official Phone: 459 8970 690

Business URL: www. welwynrealbussiness.com

  1. Employee Name: Ms. Tina Johnson

Address:  34- D, Salt Lake City,

Calgary, Canada

Phone Number:  5849 684 2205

E- Mail id: tina123@yahoomail.com

Welwyn Real Estate Pvt. Ltd is interested to hire Ms Tina Johnson in the department of Accounts as Manager- Accounts. With understanding and according to the requirement, this contractual document is valid from October 15th, 2010 to October 15th, 2012.

Underneath are the code & conducts to be followed by the employee during her tenure and promises made by the employer organization:

Job Responsibilities: The brief list of job responsibilities & duties will be assigned to the candidate at the time of joining.

Salary: As promised, the employee will be paid total monthly amount of $ 5500 inclusive of all allowance & benefits.

Increments & Benefits: If the candidate is serving the organization with excellent results, she will receive increments to the basic salary with good perks.

Certification: After completion of tenure, the employee will be rewarded with an experience certificate demonstrating her capabilities and performance during her candidature with this organization.

Termination of contract: In case of any kind of violation to the above mentioned rules found and misbehaviour to the staff will result to the termination of this contract

Hereby, both the parties are agreed to the above mentioned term & conditions and signing the contract:

Signature of the Employer:                   Designation:

Gomes Will                                                          General Manager- Accounts

Signature of the Employee:

Tina Johnson

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