A staff training contract, as the name depicts, is commenced between the training organization and the trainee company in order to avail the practical training services for the staff.

Sample Staff Training Contract:

Training contract Number: 56/ TT

Effective date: November 23rd, 2010

This staff training contract is produced and entered between Brown Institute of training, located at: Office No: 4, Greenwood buildings, Allele Street, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the training institute.


Rainbow companies Pvt. Ltd., located at: Office No: 9/ K, Bakers Street, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the client organization.

Category of the training: Practical-cum- theoretical training of operating systems.

The training period will be of 5 days starting from 24th of November, 2010 till 28th of November, 2010.

Underneath mentioned are the term & conditions to be followed by the training institute and the client organization:

  • Obligations and responsibilities:

Both the parties will strictly follow the training schedule in order to complete the commitment. The staff will pay the full attention towards the training program and complete the training within the committed duration.

  • Payment terms:

The client organization has agreed to pay $ 4560 in advance and rest amount of $ 7890 will be paid after the training completion. Full amount will be paid directly to the bank account of the training institute.

  • Termination:

Any kind of misconduct and legitimate issue, can lead to the dissolution of this contract.

Hence, both the parties will validate and sign the staff training contract:

Singed by the training institute:

Marry Rose

Signature of the client organization:

Matilda Andrew

Witness Signature:

Paula joneses

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