A staff confidentiality contract is a legal commitment commenced between the concerned company staff and the employer by stating the duties & job responsibilities and keeping the highly sensitive information secret. In such a contract, the staff is instructed to follow the confidently terms.

Sample Staff Confidentiality Contract:

Contract number: 234/ SCA

Date: February 13th, 2011

This Staff Confidentiality Contract is made & entered between Mr. Marcos Smith, Designation: Sales Manager, Address: house no: 44, Sun Rise Apartment, Salt Lake City, New York, America, hereinafter called as the staff member.


Eagle Industries Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office Number: 78, Building No: 9, Spencer Road, New York, America, Hereinafter called as the employer.

Together called as both the parties

The staff member is committed to follow the confidentiality term to protect the company information during this contract tenure and will fulfil all of his/ her duties.

This contract is effective from February 14th, 2011 and is ending on February 14th, 2012.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Official Terms:

The staff member will fulfil all assigned official tasks, as promised.

Confidentiality clause:

The staff member will receive the required confidentiality information from the employer and will not share this with any third party. The employer will issue the essential data on request only. Any kind of outflow of the secret data & records will be treated as a legal offence.


In case of any kind of unsettled dispute, this contract will be considered as terminated.

Acceptance of the Staff Confidentiality Contract:

Staff Party                                                                                                       Employer Party:

Marcos Smith                                                                                                  Anna Foster

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