A solicitor training contract is entered between an approved organization that promises to provide solicitor training and candidates of the organization. It explains the support that the organization will provide to the candidates during the length of the approved training period.

Sample Solicitor Training Contract:

Solicitor training

Country Hall, Oxford,

Washington 98578

Information for candidates

Date of solicitor training contract: 8th Dec 2009

Effective start date of the contract: 10th Dec 2009

Effective end date of the contract: 15th Jan 2010

For any further queries, please get in touch with Ms. Julia Varghese.

Contract details

Oxfordshire County Council has the responsibility for many local services and employs around 10,000 people to deliver them. All solicitors must be issued with a solicitor training contract. The start date of the solicitor training contract is 10th Dec 2009 and the end date of the solicitor training contract is 15th Jan 2010. According to this solicitor training contract, Oxfordshire County Council will train the candidates for the time duration between the start and end date.

Any changes to the dates mentioned will be duly notified to all the candidates in advance.

Address of the institute

56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Country Hall, Oxford, Washington 98578

Solicitor training contract – Terms and Conditions:

  • The solicitor training employer agrees to provide the candidate with approved training throughout the duration of the training contract.
  • The candidates must ensure that they should deal with all complex legal matters effectively.
  • They should have the commitment to and understanding of the principles of Equal Opportunity for all in employment and the delivery of services.

Signatures of the parties

Signature of the trainer: Solicitor training

Signature of the candidate: Mr. Tim Jones

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