A solar dealer contract is a legal document which is made between solar production company and a dealer who wishes to sell solar energy and solar energy products to the customers. The terms and conditions of this contract are legal in nature and enforceable by law.

Sample solar dealer contract:

This contract has been made effective on 26th July 2011 and will remain in effect till 26th July 2012

This contract deals with usage of solar energy outlets without asking for permission on regular basis.

This contract has been made between Fredrick solar energy which is herein referred to as the COMPANY and Mr. Paulo Black who is herein referred to as the DEALER.

COMPANY details:

Owner Name: Mr. Fredrick Russell

Address: F-45, first floor Pacific lane, CA

Contact number: 4730950454850

DEALER details:

Address: 34-p, second floor, Larry street, CA

Contact number: 434095849543

The COMPANY produces solar power at solar power plant which extends energy outlets at a number of locations. The DEALER has been granted license to use the solar energy.

Total amount: $30000

Duration of contract: 12 months

Terms and conditions:

  • The COMPANY agrees to share solar energy for 12 months with the DEALER who in turn will use it for productive purposes.
  • A report of energy usage must be submitted with the COMPANY every month along with the payment of equal monthly amount.
  • Both parties agree to keep information of energy usage to themselves as confidential.

Validation of the parties is given as follows:

Fredrick Russell

Paulo Black

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