A software license contract is a legal document which is made when one party agrees to grant license to another party for the use of the software developed by them based on certain terms and conditions which form the part of the contract and are legally applicable and enforceable.

Sample software license contract:

This contract has been made effective on 12th July 2011 and has been made by and between two parties one of which is the software’ licensor’ and the other is the ‘licensee’.

Mr. Robert John is the owner of the company known as John Solutions and is hereby referred to as the ‘licensor’ whereas Mr. Samuel Young owns the company Young Corp and is hereby referred to as the ‘licensee’

Licensor address (address of company): 12-KL, ridge street, London

Licensee address (address of company): F-90, Brimming square, London

Details of the software:

Name: Macc Print

This software was developed by Mike White and his team of software engineers and is being granted to the licensee based upon the following covenants:


The contract shall last for 12 months which means that it shall terminate on 12th July 2012

  • PAYMENT Details:

The licensee shall be entitled to pay an amount of $30000 in total to the licensor for using the software and its various details.

  • The license code for the contract is : 56/n-p
  • The licensee shall not leak the information about the software or its codes to any third party without permission of the licensor.

Signatures of both the parties are given below:

Robert John

Samuel Young

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