A software development contract is a written document which is made between a company and a software designer. This contract gives the main details of the terms and conditions based upon which the parties sign the contract.

Sample software designer contract:

Contract code: 123-PO

Date of contract: 23rd June, 2011

The software development contract is a contract which is made between the COMPANY and the SOFTWARE DESIGNER. Both the parties agree to the certain details mentioned in this contract.

COMPANY details:

Name: Harvard solutions

Director name:  Mr. Harvard Mathew

Address of office: 12-l, Mark lane, London


Name: Mr. Jack Jones

Contact number: 438283055805

SOFTWARE specifications

Name of software: Rexine Solution

This software shall be used to help small scale companies to install their billing machines at metro stations.

Total cost of developing software: $5000

This amount shall be paid to the SOFTWARE DESIGNER on completion of the development of software.

Period of contract:

Effective date of commencement: 1st July, 2011

Termination of contract: 1st November, 2011

The following are the various terms and conditions which are to be followed by both the involved parties:

  • The COMPANY shall pay the amount in cheque and must give full cost and assistance in the development of the software.
  • The SOFTWARE DESIGNER must work 5 days a week and must completely comply by the various rules of the company in developing the software.
  • The SOFTWARE DESIGNER must complete the development of the software within the contract period.

Signatures of both the parties are given below:

Harvard Mathew         Jack Jones

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