A Software consulting contract is a legal briefing between the Software consulting firm/Company and her/his client. It is necessary to sign or execute the contract prior to work. The contract declares the payment terms and other necessary details.

Sample Software Consulting Contract:

This  Software consulting contract is entered into this 18th December 2010 by and between Bio-gen Inc. (company) with its head office at 777 Lanes down Road, Bethesda, NY 9908 herein referred as client and Nucleus Software Solutions with head office at 88th Roger’s Avenue, Charleston ,SC-7654 ,as a Software consulting firm.


Whereas the Bio-gen Inc. is in need of assistance in software consulting area AND Whereas Nucleus Software solutions is willing to perform consulting job for Bio-gen Inc. providing software solution support as directed by Bio-gen Inc. (company).

Terms & Conditions:

  • Nucleus Software Solutions shall provide the Company Bio-gen Inc. software consulting in the specified are as stated.
  • In consideration of Software consulting to be performed by Nucleus Software Solutions under this contract, the Company Bio-gene Inc. shall pay at the rate of per hour spent on consulting.
  • Nucleus Software Solutions shall submit written/signed report itemizing on reasonable details fortnightly.
  • Nucleus Software Solutions shall not disclose any company’s information or else company shall be free to terminate the contract.
  • The terms of payment will be made in installments of $ 3200 at the signing of contract & $ 2000 upon completion of the term.

Both the parties agree to the above mentioned terms and condition and hereby sign the contract:

Bio-gen Inc                                            Signature____________

Nucleus Software Solutions                  Signature________________

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