A software confidentiality contract is a legitimate document which is commenced between an organization and a software firm in order to share & maintain the software data for some official purposes by considering the confidentiality clause.

Sample Software Confidentiality Contract:

Contract number: 567/ SC

Date: February 13th, 2011

This Software Confidentiality Contract is made & registered between Eagles Sales Company Pvt. Ltd, Address: Plot No: 9, Spencer Road, New York, America, hereinafter known as the client party.


Wilma Software Developers Pvt. Ltd, Address: Office No: 34, Wing-D, Baker Road, New York, America hereinafter known as the recipient party.

Together called as both the parties

The recipient party requires certain software details of the existing database & running software to design the new one, whereas the client party is agreed to issue the details.

This contract is effective from February 14th, 2011 and is ending on February 14th, 2012.

Term & Conditions:

Official term:

The recipient party will design and deliver the deigned software within the committed time limit. The client party will clear the amount of the total work done after receiving the delivery of the software. The recipient party will be responsible for the maintenance of the running software as well.

Confidentiality clause:

The recipient party has to follow the confidentiality condition by committing to the mentioned clause. Any kind of outflow and leakage of some sensitive information will be treated as a legal offence.

Termination Clause:

In case of any violation recorded to the above mentioned term & conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Acceptance of the Software Confidentiality Contract:

Client Party:                                                                             Recipient Party:

Jenna Smith                                                                             Gary Williams

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