A small project contract can be an agreement on any project like construction, software services, etc on projects that last typically less than a year. The following is a small construction project contract which details on the project, scope of work, deadlines, and payment terms.

Sample small project contract:

Small Project contract reference number: 12345

  • This small project contract is entered on 11th day of June, 2009 between the State of Minnesota through the ABC Agency herein referred to as the “owner” and Ken Contractors Ltd. herein referred to as the “Contractor”.

Project Name: Tiny Tulips School

Location: 4150 Sydney Place, Washington DC, 20521-4150

Scope of work

  • Total sum paid for labour, equipment, materials and miscellaneous expenses for the small project construction shall be $50,000.
  • The hourly rate of labour and units prices of materials are mentioned in the attachment.
  • Changes in the scope of work must be approved by the owner and the contractor prior to proceeding with the work.
  • The contractor shall acquire all permits applicable for the work not specifically identified and provided by the owner.

Payment rate and terms

  • Payments are due and payable thirty days from the date of receipt of the contractor’s invoice.
  • Amounts that are due (unpaid till thirty days after receipt of the invoice) shall bear interest at the rate of 7% per annum.

Time of Completion

The work to be performed under the small project contract shall be completed on or before the date 31st Dec 2010.


Signature of the Owner:   Ricky Willington

Signature of the Contractor: Steve Ponting

Witness: Marlon Samuels

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