A small business investment contract is a legally binding formal contract made between the owner of a small business and an investor who wishes to invest in this small business venture. These contracts consist of certain covenants and obligations which bind the parties together.

Sample Small Business Investment Contract:

This Small business investment contract is entered on the 29th day of July in the year 2011

This contract has been entered by and among

1) Greg Corporation who are the Small business enterprise, herein referred to as the COMPANY.

2) Spring Co. who are the Investors in this contract, herein referred to as the INVESTOR

Addresses and contact information:


Address: RT-90, block 8, Kelly Street, London

Phone: 473950945050


Address: GH-34, first floor, West wing building, London

Phones: 4739579589450

Business Details:

The COMPANY owns a small scale business of beauty products by the name of Forever Young.

This contract is related to investment of a certain amount of money by the INVESTOR in the business of the COMPANY for a certain period of time.

Terms and conditions:


The amount invested in the business by the INVESTOR will be $20000

This amount shall be invested before the commencement of investment venture.

  • Time period

The total length of the contract is 12 months and it shall terminate on the 29th June of 2012


Premature termination shall take place in case of shutting down of the COMPANY due to unforeseen circumstances and any misconduct from any of the two parties or both.

Signature of the parties:

Greg Corporation

Spring Co.

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