A small business employment contract refers to those agreements which are signed when a business organization hires an individual for a certain job position. The contract mentions the date of joining, salary to be paid, details of parties and the terms of the employment arrangement. The contract provided below is sample of such a contract.

Sample Small Business Employment Contract

Date on which contract signed: February 7th, 2012.

The contract is being signed between M/s Kandy Publications Ltd. and Mr. Michael Murray.

The contract states that M/s Kandy publications are hiring Mr. Michael Murray as a sales coordinator. His joining date is 1st March 2012. The salary of $2000 has been mutually negotiated.

Details of the Small Business Firm:

Business Name: M/s Kandy Publications

Authorized personnel: Mr. Bunny McAdams

Position: HR Manager

Contact No.: 764-48-292

Details of the Respective Employee:

Authorized Personnel: Mr. Michael Murray

Position: Sales Coordinator

Contact No.: 764-32-157

Details/ Terms of the Contract:

  1. 1. The contract is legally binding thus any default or violation is punishable by law.
  2. 2. The employer is legally bound to give the respective employee a one month notice, and paid holiday prior to the date the employer wishes to leave the job.
  3. 3. The employee is required to meet all the responsibilities and obligations as mentioned in his/ her job description.
  4. 4. It is illegal on part of the employer to force the employee to perform tasks beyond the job description. But providing lucrative incentives is business tact.
  5. 5. The employee is also required to provide a one month notice before resigning from the position.


_____________________________ (Mr. Bunny McAdams)

_____________________________ (Mr. Michael Murray)



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