A simple vendor contract refers to a contract between two or more parties. One of those parties is the vendor i.e. the entity selling certain goods and the other is a purchaser/ buyer of those goods. The contract gives the specifications of the arrangement such as the terms & conditions, the details of the involved parties etc. A sample simple vendor contract has been provided below.

Sample Simple Vendor Contract

Vendor No.: 3y578723

Buyer No.: 5b859735

The contract is being signed by M/s Holly Manufacturers Ltd. and M/s Jameson Distributors Ltd. as on the 17th February, 2012.

The contract states that M/s Holly Manufacturers Ltd., the vendors, has agreed to supply the specified goods to M/s Jameson Distributors Ltd.

Details of the vendor:

Official Name: M/s Holly Manufacturers Ltd

Authorized Signatory: Ms. Holly Hendricks

Job Position: C.E.O.

Contact No.: 547-68-581

Correspondence Address: 46th, 2nd Street, Masterson Place, New York, USA.

Details of the buyer:

Official Name: M/s Jameson Distributors Ltd.

Authorized Signatory: Mr. Jameson Keller

Job Position: C.E.O.

Contact No.:547-83-274

Correspondence Address: 6th, Richard Avenue, North Zone, New York, USA.

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The delivery shall be made within the deadline stated by the buyer.
  2. The vendor is only responsible for the dispatching of the goods. The transport arrangements for the delivery and the carrying forward shall be made by the buyer.
  3. The buyer is bound to clear the payments within 10 hrs of receiving the goods in sound condition.


___________________________ (Mr. Jameson Keller)

___________________________ (Ms. Holly Hendricks)

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