A simple service contract is a written commitment between the employer of the services (individual/ organization) and the employee of the services (individual/ organization) and it mentions about all the clauses and other factors decided between both the parties.

Sample Service Contract

Sample Service Contract



Printable Expiration of Service Contract

Printable Expiration of Service Contract



Simple Lawn Service Contract

Simple Lawn Service Contract



Sample Simple Service Contract

Date: October 10th, 2010

Contract Number: 127- H

This service contract is made and entered by & between Eagle Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd and Grey Line Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Hereby, Grey Line Pvt. Ltd has agreed to provide their marketing services to promote the products, whereas Eagle Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd is delighted to work with this organization.

According to the service requirement, this contract is valid from October 18th, 2010 and is terminating on October 18th, 2011.

Underneath are the Term & conditions on which both the parties are agreed:

(a)Eagle Sales Pvt. Ltd will pay the committed amount of $ 1.2 million in advance in order to begin the marketing campaign by the hired organization, whereas the rest amount will be paid after completion of the campaign.

(b)Grey Line Marketing Pvt. Ltd will not discuss and share the specifications of products with the third party. If any information is found leaked then the contract will be terminated with immediate effect, and the hired organization will pay 60% of the total amount as compensation to the Eagle Sales Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

(c)  This tenure can be renewed only if the employer organization records good benefits and hype in the sale.

Both the organizations have understood the fact & commitments and are ready to sign the contract.

Signature of Authority:                                                    Signature of Authority:

Hannah Smith                                                                      Julie Foster

Designation                                                                        Designation:

C.E.O- Sales                                                                       C.E.O Marketing

Address:                                                                             Address:

34/ C- Wing, Official Apartments                                   78/ M, Industrial Area

Ottawa, Canada                                                                Toronto Canada

Phone Number                                                                   Contact Number:

3489 680 2045                                                                    7906 633 6859

Official URL:                                                                         Website:

www.eaglesales.com www.greyline.com

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