A short term tenancy contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual takes a property of another individual on rent for a short term period that is from one day to one month. The parties entering the contract are known as the landlord and the tenant. The details mentioned in the contract include the rent that tenant has to pay, the facilities provided by the landlord etc.

Sample Short Term Tenancy Contract

Short term tenancy contract Number: 67- ARC

Date of Registration: 12th of February, 2011.

This contract is being made and entered between John Goods referred to as the landlord residing at:

824 Done Can Avenue,
North Dakota, New Carolina 46563

And Mary Jane referred to as the tenant

For giving out the property of the landlord on rent to the tenant for a period of one month. The details of the property are mentioned below:

Address: 23/76 Hudson Lane, New Carolina

Area of the Property: 2000 sq feet

Use: Personal Use

The terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The tenant has to pay the landlord a total rental amount of $500. The amount needs to be paid in advance.
  2. The contract will be valid only till 13th of March, 2011 and can be renewed only if both the parties agrees to the same.
  3. If any damage is caused to the property during the contract period of one month, the cost of repair will be borne by the tenant.

The signature of both the parties is mentioned below:

Signature of the landlord                                                   Signature of the tenant

John Goods                                                                        Mary Jane

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