A short hold tenancy agreement contract is a legal document that is drafted when an individual or an organization rents out their property to another individual or an organization. These types of agreements are signed when the tenancy period is short which generally ranges between 6 to 12 months. A short hold tenancy agreement contract includes the details of the property rented, details of the parties, amount of rent and other terms and conditions.

Sample Short hold Tenancy Agreement Contract

Short hold tenancy agreement contract number: ST 567

Effective date of contract: 6th of January 2012

This tenancy agreement contract has been drafted and entered into between Ivan Mood referred to as the tenant and John Woo referred to as the landlord.

Details of the tenant:

Residential address: 43 Yankee Doodle Street,

Wisconsin, Los Angeles 6459

Contact number: 89765

Mobile number: 89057

Details of the landlord:

Residential address: 35 Cranky Mad Street,

Sin City, Las Vegas 4200

Contact number: 76456

Mobile number: 76489

As per the contract, the landlord has rented his property to the tenant for a period of 2 years. The details of the rented property are as follows:

Address: 67 Level Crossing Street,

Sin City, Las Vegas 4200

Area: 1200 Sq Feet

Other terms and conditions agreed between the parties:

  1. The tenant will pay $5000 per month as rent to the landlord by first week of every month.
  2. The tenant can use the rented property only for residential purpose and cannot carry any commercial activity on it.
  3. The landlord has to ensure that all the land taxes and other charges have been cleared by him.

Signature of the landlord:                                                        Signature of the tenant:

John Woo                                                                                    Ivan Mood

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