A sample service contract is a sample of a service contract which is made between a service provider and an individual or company who agrees to use the services offered by the service provider for a certain fixed period of time. These contracts consist of details such as names, addresses of the parties, details of service to be provided, monetary details and terms and conditions of the contract. The sample effectively explains how a service contract must actually be framed. Given below is a sample of a service contract which can be used for reference.

Sample Service Contract:

This service contract has been made effective as on 30th may 2012 and shall remain into effect for 12 months to follow.

Termination date of contract: 30th May 2013.

The parties involved in this contract are COMPANY and SERVICE PROVIDER whose details are given as follows:

COMPANY details:

Name: Mr. Tim Henderson

Contact number: 4874039445

Residential address: 12-H, first floor, Toronto road, Toronto


Name: Mr. Robbie Williams

Contact number: 48737407404

Residential address: R-90, second floor, Topper’s enclave, Toronto

The COMPANY agrees to hire the SERVICE PROVIDER for providing consultancy services as far as financial consultancy is concerned.

The total amount to be paid: $3000.

Terms and conditions:

  • The SERVICE PROVIDER shall provide financial consultancy services to the COMPANY as and when required by the COMPANY for 12 months.\
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER should be available for providing services whenever asked by the COMPANY.
  • Both parties must work with cooperation and any violation of the terms shall lead to its immediate termination.

Signatures of the parties:

Tim Henderson

Robbie Williams

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