Service contract format is a formal document which is used to explain how a service contract must be framed. A service contract is a contract which is made between two parties, one of which is a service provider and the other is the company or individual who offers to use the service provided by the service provider. These contracts are legally binding for the involved parties. Given below is a sample of a service contract format which can be used by any person who is looking for a reference document.

Sample Part Contract Format:

This service contract has been made effective on: __________

[Use this part to mention the effective date or the beginning date of the contract]

Termination date of service contract: ____________

[Use this part to enter the termination date of contract]

This contract has been made between the following parties with the given details:


[Use this part of the contract to give the various details of the COMPANY


[Use this part to give of the contract to give the various details of the SERVICE PROVIDER]

Details of service to be provided:

[Use this part to give details of the service which the service provider shall be providing]

Amount to be paid: ____________

[Use this part to enter the total amount of payment which the service provider will get]

Terms and conditions:

[Write down the various terms and conditions of the contract point wise or in bulleted form]


[Use this part of the contract to take signatures of the parties or persons involved]

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