A service contact agreement is a document signed mutually between the service provider and the client/user. It gives information regarding the term of service, terms and conditions and other basic contact information of the user.

Sample Service Contract Agreement

Service Provider Information:

Service Provider Name: Techno Internet Services

Phone: 489729080948

We deal in providing internet related services to clients situated in CA.

Website: Technointernetservice.com

Client Information:

Client Name: Ms. Norah Andrews

Security ID Number: 345

Address: 45-U, Greg Street, CA, 11RT6

Phone: 435789270294

Email (for new offers and schemes): Andrews.norah@gmail.com

Period of service: 12 months starting from 12’Th November, 2010

Payment Through: Credit Card

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Payment: The payment shall be on a monthly basis. The client shall pay a sum of $75 on the 1’St of every month. The connection shall be discontinued in case of late or no payment.
  2. Nondisclosure of agreement: The information regarding this agreement shall not be disclosed to any third party outside this agreement.
  3. The service providers shall not be responsible for any internal or indirect damages to the internet connection.
  4. The client agrees to use the services in a manner that is in accordance with the federal laws.
  5. The client shall deposit a security amount of $100 one week in advance which shall be transferred back at the end of contract.
  6. The service provider agrees to fix any queries within 48 hours of complaint.

The client and the service provider accept the terms and conditions:

Norah Andrews               John White

(User)                              (Techno internet services)

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