A separation divorce contract is a formal document of divorce between a husband and a wife consequent to their irreconcilable differences in marriage. This contract is given by a court that has the authority under the jurisdiction of the marriage and child custody to pronounce the result of the marital relationship of two parties.

Sample separation divorce contract:

District Court of Washington

7698 Fed Way, Washington DC, 83353

The matter of divorce came before the court on 21st Sep 2009. It appears from the records and files of this action that a complaint was filed and served upon the defendant, Jimmy Y. Stewart. Here Martha L. Stewart is the complainant.

The husband and wife were married in Queen’s Island, Washington DC, 20521 on 14th Feb 2004 and last lived together as husband and wife at 2050 Bamako Place, Washington DC, 20521 on 04 Apr 2009.

There are two minor children born to these parties.

The names and date of birth of these children are:

Cindy Stewart – 23rd Jan 2005

James Stewart – 2nd Feb 2007.

The wife is not pregnant currently.

Decree of the court

The bonds of matrimony now existing between the husband and the wife are now dissolved on the grounds of irreconcilable differences and both are awarded divorce.


The parties have executed a Property Settlement Agreement and have adopted a Child care plan which settles all property, debt, and child issues of the marriage. These two plans or agreements are attached with this contract.

Signature of the husband: Jimmy Y. Stewart

Signature of the wife: Martha L. Stewart

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