Separation Contracts are referred to those contracts that are drafted when two or more parties agree to separate themselves from any type of association. These types of contracts can be framed for separation of individuals from business, partnership, employment, marriage or others. There are various different types of separation contracts that can be used as per the situation and needs.

Some of the types of separation contracts include

  • Marriage Separation Contract
  • Business Separation Contract
  • Partnership Separation Contract
  • Employment Separation Contract

and many others.

There are various factors that should be considered while framing Separation Contracts and these include as following:

  • First of all the, irrespective of the type of Separation Contract, the details of the parties involved in the separation must be provided. The contract should mention the name, address and others details of all the parties.
  • The reason for separation or the association from which the parties wish to get separated should also be mentioned in these contracts. The date of association, partnership or marriage on which the concerned parties came together should also be mentioned.
  • The contract should clearly mention all the terms and conditions which are to be followed by the concerned parties.
  • The contract should be duly signed by all the parties.

Since Separation Contract is a legal document it should be prepared with due care and by considering all the important factors.

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