Separation contract letter is a letter which is sent from one person or party to another in the case when the sender informs the other of a certain kind of separation which he/she wishes to take from the receiver. These contract letters lay down the various terms and conditions based on which the separation is finalised and agreed upon by both the parties. A separation contract letter must be a formally drafted document and for the reference purpose of the readers, we have a sample of a separation contract letter given below

Sample Separation Contract Letter:


Greg Chapel

Head, Chapel organisation

45-H, first floor, Porto Rico tower, London


12th March 2012

Subject: separation contract details

Respected Mr. Chapel,

This is to inform you that I, the PARTY 1 of the business contract formed between us wishes to sign a separation contract letter in order to separate our businesses and all the partnerships made between us from 1st Jan 2009 to 11th March 2012. You, the PARTY 2 of this contract must read the following terms and conditions and sign the contract document in order to finalise the separation.

The terms and conditions are as follows:

  • Both the parties must keep all information exchanged during the contract period confidential.
  • Both the parties must work to settle all accounts, cash bills etc amongst themselves for this separation to take place.
  • Both the parties must agree to settle the ownership details of the office where their partnership deals were discussed and from where the business under the partnership was conducted.

Thanking you

Bill Nathan

34-G, second floor, Top minto tower



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