A separation contract form is a form which is filled in by married couples who want to apply for separation. These types of forms are filled by the couples before they file a contract for the separation of their marriage

. The form includes the details of the couple, their marriage, children and other related details.

Sample Separation Contract Form

Separation contract form number: ____________________________

Name of the petitioner: __________________

Name of the defendant: ____________________

This separation contract is being drafted between ___________________ (Name of husband) residing at:  Street address: __________________ City _______________ State ____________

Zip code _____________


_______________________________ (Name of wife) residing at:  Street address: __________________ City _______________ State ____________

Zip code _____________

Date of marriage: _____________________

City and state where the marriage took place: City: _______________       State: __________

The husband and wife were living together till _______________ at the following address:

Street address: __________________ City _______________ State ____________

Zip code _____________

Number of children born after marriage (if applicable): ________________

Number of children below the age of eighteen: _______________

Details of the children:

Name:                                        Gender:                          Date of birth:

___________                          _________                     ______________

___________                          _________                     ______________

___________                          _________                     ______________

The purpose of preparing the separation contract is (tick on the appropriate option):

  1. In order to settle property disputes
  2. In order to decide on the custody, support, education and maintenance of the minor children.

Employment status:

Employment status of the husband: ________________

Employment status of the wife: ____________

Signature of the husband: _______________

Dated: _________________

Signature of the wife: _______________

Dated: _________________



Separation agreements

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