A separation agreement contract can be used when one or both of the partners wish to separate from the relationship but are not ready for a divorce. The separation agreement contract is only intended to regulate the terms of temporary separation i.e., the rights and obligations during separation, etc.

Sample separation agreement contract:


The Trial Court

New Hampshire

Petitioner: Ashley Wilson

Defendant: Gérard Butler

The separation agreement contract is made between Don Bresnon, name of the husband, and Allen Bresnon, name of the wife. The husband and wife were married in Queen’s Island, Washington DC, 20521 on 14th Feb 2004 and last lived together at 2050 Bamako Place, Washington DC, 20521 on 04 Apr 2009. Henceforth, the husband and wife have agreed to a temporary separation and the relationship would be reviewed by the trail court on 31st May 2010 as to the relationship status of the partners and their marital fortunes.

No. of children were born of this marriage: 1

Child name: Sonia Bresnon

In consideration of the mutual promises contained in the separation agreement contract, the husband and wife agree that:


  • The disposition of parties’ assets shall be as follows:
    • Home and furniture: Wife
    • Car: Husband
    • Stocks and bonds: Husband
    • Bank accounts: Wife
    • Pension or retirement benefits: Wife


  • The disposition of parties’ liabilities shall be as follows:
    • Debt: Husband
    • Alimony: Husband
    • Financial support to the child: Wife
    • Life Insurance payments of the wife: Wife
    • Life insurance payments of the husband: Husband

Signature of the husband: Don Bresnon

Signature of the wife: Allen Bresnon

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