A senior employment contract is an important document made between an interested employee and an organization laying down the terms and condition related to work, remuneration and other factors.

Sample Senior Employment Contract

Contract Number: 123- N

This is the contract entered on October 11th, 2010 and is prepared between Blue Mount Sales Corporation and Ms. Lilly Hennery for the job position of General Manager- Sales & Marketing. This contract document is a legal commitment between the employee and the employer, which is valid from October 12th, 2010 to October 12th, 2012.

The following are the official covenants prepared by executing the business lawsuits:

Designation Responsibilities:

The employee will join as the senior job position at General manger. She has to pay attention towards the overall growth of the department and pay valuable contribution towards the benefit of the organization.

Annual Salary Package:

The employee will be paid monthly on 4th of each month and will receive the receipt for the same in a day advance.

Renewal & termination:

Excellent performance during the tenure will lead to the renewal of this contract, whereas any violation & unsatisfactory results will lead to the termination of contract in between.

Benefits and Compensations:

Every attempt which can bring huge profits to the management will reward the employee with deserving increments to the basic salary and compensations.

The employer and the employee are agreed to the above mentioned rule & conditions and are signing the employment contract with the best of their knowledge:

Signature of the Concerned Authority:           Designation:

William Brown                                                    Chef Executive Officer- Sales & Marketing

Signature of the employee:

Lilly Hennery

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