A security service contract is a legal document drafted when a security agency or an individual enters into a contract with an organization to provide security service. The details mentioned in this contract are the usually the work timings and remuneration of the security agency or the individual.

Sample Security Service Contract

Security Service Contract Number: 56ER

This service contract is being drafted and entered into on 20th of February, 2011 between Fleet Security Agency referred to as the service provider with office address at:

824 Sand Dune Road
North Dakota, New Carolina 46563.


John Goods Corporation referred to as the client with office address at:

41 Render high Road,

Washington DC, North Carolina 8521

To provide twenty four hours security service to the client.

The terms and condition to be followed by both the parties are as follows:

  1. The client has to pay the service provider advance fees of $50000.  The service provider will otherwise receive a monthly remuneration of $25000.
  2. The service provider has to provide at least twenty security personnel at the client’s office premise. The security service has to be provided on a twenty four hour basis. The security personnel will be divided into two shifts with each shift being of twelve hours.
  3. If there is any breach in security and trespassers are allowed, the service provider will be fined heavily.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions by putting their signature below:

Signature of the service provider:                                                  Signature of the client:

John Woo                                                                                           Horny Lee

(CEO, Fleet Security Agency)                                              (CEO, John Goods Corporation)

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