A security contract agreement is a kind of a formal agreement which is made when a person or a party (known as the client) hires a person or party(known as service provider) to provide security related services in return for predefined sum of money(known as payment). In such a contract agreement, the terms and conditions are mentioned for both the parties to follow and these terms are legally binding in nature. Sample of security contract agreement is given below for reference.

Sample Security Contract Agreement

This contract is being entered by Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd. in agreement with Jane Somers Designs Ltd. as on the 14th of June 2013.

As per the statement of the agreement, Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd. have been contracted to provide security to Jane Somers Designs Ltd. The contract stands valid for a period of 12 months, thus expiring on the 13th of June 2014.

Details of the service provider:

Name: Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Signing Authority: Mr. James Carter

Contact No.: 847536324

Details of the client:

Name: Jane Somers Designs Ltd.

Signing Authority: Ms. Jessica Somers

Designation: General Manager

Contact No.: 95463526

Terms and Conditions:

1. The service provider is bound to provide 24hrs security at the office location, and at the residential location or any other locations as specified by the client.

2. The service provider is to be made regular payments every quarter of the year.

3. The client may require extra security at time which the service provider must provide.

4. In case of extra security needed, the client must notify the service provider at least 5 hours in advance.

5. Both the parties must comply with the terms and conditions of this contract.


In agreement to the above given terms and conditions, both the parties provide their signature below

_______________________ _______________________

Mr. James Carter                            Ms. Jessica Somers

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