Business companies and other working entities need to secure their computer systems, networks and other system from unauthorized access, theft of data and other such security breaches. But this may not always be possible for them to do so on their own.  For this purpose, businesses often hire security consultants. These consultants are those individuals who have knowledge to full-proof the systems and avoid breach of security. The contract which is thus made between the company and the consultant to define method of security consulting is known as a security consulting contract.

A security consulting contract is a detailed document which must consist of all of the following given information:

  • The date of commencement, termination and date of payment of salary must be given in the contract document.
  • The details of both the parties including their full names, official company names, official addresses and their contract numbers should be given in the contract.
  • The contract document must also consist of the total amount or monthly salary which the employer will pay to the consultant.
  • The contract should also lay down all the important clauses and terms which define the manner in which the parties must conduct themselves during the length of contract.

Sample Security Consulting Contract:

Security Consulting Contract

Download Security Consulting Contract


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