Secured investment contracts are ones that are entered into between investors and the government. The investor invests money with the government and the government in turn issues bonds known as secured investments. The government invests this money into other companies which enhance development. The contract specifies the terms and conditions essential for obtaining the investment from the investors.

Sample Secured Investment Contracts

This secured investment contract is entered into between the Basingstoke Company refereed to as the Company and Rachel Anthony corporation hereafter referred to as investor on the 30th of June 2013 for the purpose of investment into secured bonds of the company specified herein above.

The terms of the contract are:

  • The contract for investment into secured investments by the investor shall be effective from the 15th of July 2013 for twelve months and shall be renewable further according to the investor’s request.
  • The company agrees to provide guarantee for the investment which includes the principal and a minimum incentive as decided by the company board from time to time.
  • The investor is entitled to receive all returns from the company on the investment on an annualized basis from the company directly into the account of the investor.
  • The company has the discretion to charge a penalty on the investment in the event of early withdrawal of investment by the investor. The investor will receive the investment within five business days after deduction of administrative charges and fees as applicable.
  • The investor is assigned with all reasonable rights to inspect and check the financial information of the company once in a year.
  • The investor is required to maintain tax details for the investment in his individual capacity for the earnings received on the principal investment from the company. The company will issue an interest certificate to the investor once in a year for this purpose.

Signature of Investor   ______________________

Signature of Company Authorized Person ____________________

Date   _________________

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