A school franchise contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual opens a school under the brand name of a reputed group of schools. The contract lays out the terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree and also act as and evidence.

Sample School Franchise Contract:

Contract Number: 8745

This contract is being drafted on 10th of February 2011 between

Mr. John Noel residing at:

521 Green High Road, New York, North Dakota 5412


New York Public School with head office located at:

25 Green High Road,

New York, North Dakota 5412

To open a New York Public School franchise at:

85 Mean Street,

New York, North Dakota 1425.

Both the parties should agree to the below mentioned terms and conditions in order to enter into the contract:

  1. The school should follow the North Dakota Board of Education like other New York Public Schools.
  2. The school should have classes till the twelfth standard.
  3. There should be a playground and a swimming pool in the school premises.
  4. The franchise holder has to pay the school group an amount of $1 million to get the franchise.
  5. There will be no investment from the side of New York Public Schools.
  6. The student teacher ratio should not exceed 30:1.
  7. The contract cannot be cancelled without a one month notice period.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions by putting their signature below:

Signature of franchise holder:                                                   Signature of the school group:

John Noel                                                                                    Nathan Lee

(CEO, New York Public School)

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