A sample wedding contract is a written commitment initiated to appoint the wedding organizer company by the couple to handle all the arraignments of the wedding. Such a contact covers videographer, flower arrangements, sitting planning and other decorations.

Sample of Sample Wedding Contract:

Effective Date: November 23rd, 2010

This sample wedding contract is commenced between:

Stella Wedding Organizers, located at: Office No: 1, 5th Floor, Skywalk Building, Bakers Street, New York, America, hereinafter called as a wedding organizer


Ms Tina Smith & Mr. William Spencer located at: House No: 13, New Sun Colony, New York, Canada and House No: 17, Eva Street, Brown Society, New York, Canada respectively, hereinafter referred as the couple.

Wedding day details:

Date: October 10th, 2010

Time: 11:00 am

Location: New Life Church, near cathedral park, Willington Street, New York, Canada

Hired wedding services details:

Photography & video:  Full coverage of Wedding

Flower decoration and sitting planning

Bride and groom Attire preparation

Wedding dinner & reception arrangements

This contract is valid till October 11th, 2010

Term & conditions for this contract:

Obligations & Responsibilities:

The wedding organizer will serve with the committed wedding package and the couple will clear the full payment.

Payment Term:

The couple has already paid $ 4560 in advance, whereas the pending payment will be made on October 11th, 2010.

Cancellation clause:

If the couple cancels the contract, there will be no refund, and they have to pay additional 20% of the payment, whereas if the wedding organizer cancels it, he/ she has to refund the money along with more 10% as a penalty.

Acceptance of the wedding contract:

Signature of the Wedding organizer:

Maria Atkinson

Signature of the couple:

Tina Smith

William Spencer

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