A sample vendor contract is initiated between an organization and a vendor firm in order to fix the working terms, payment clauses and contact details of both the parties for finalizing the selling policies.

Sample Vendor Contract:

Vendor contract Number: 7889/ VV

Date: November 28th, 2010

This vendor contract is made and entered between Eagle Product Manufacturer Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as the client organization, AND, Smith & Brown Vendor corporation Pvt. Ltd, referred as the vendor  firm.

Details of the client organization:

Address: Plot No: 56/ J, Industrial Area- A, Ottawa, Canada

Phone Number: 6859 688 6869

Website Number: www.egaleprodcuts.com

Contact details of the Vendor Firm:

Address: 67/ Office No: 6, Sunrise Street, Ottawa, Canada

Working phone: 8960 859 5844

URL: www.smith&brown.com

The vendor firm is hired by the client organization for of selling products/ services in Ottawa & Toronto and the vendor firm is interested to serve the client organization.

This vendor contract is valid from December 1st, 2010 and is terminating on December 1st, 2012.

Following are the term & conditions for this contract:

Payment clause:

The client organization is agreed to pay $ 45670 monthly on 7th of every month for selling the issued products for which the initial level marketing & advertising material will be provided by the client organization.

Duties & obligations of the vendor firm:

The vendor firm will use the effective selling strategies for the products. The assigned targets will be completed and monthly reports for the same will be submitted to the client organization.


Any kind of legitimate & official dispute can terminate the contract and the guilty party will pay $78900 as the compensation.

Hereby, both the parties are requested to accept the contract:

Signature of the client organization:

Mia Hudson

Signed by the vendor firm:

Tins Sandler

Singed by the third party:

Adam Smith

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