A Sample vehicle contract is used to guide people about the kind of document they need to use when leasing or purchasing a vehicle. The sample allows for a better understanding of all the terms and conditions to be used in a vehicle leasing or purchasing contract.

Sample Vehicle Contract

Owner: Audrey Roberts

User: Jones Baker

We Audrey Roberts (owner) and Jones Baker (user) are in agreement to the subsequent conditions:

  1. The vehicles will be exchanged during the period 12th October 2010 to 29th October 2010
  2. The Owner will bear registration and insurance fees.
  3. Owners will maintain their motor vehicles clean and in high-quality. All major systems are recently checked and a “Certificate for Mechanical Fitness” has been attained.
  4. Vehicle should be operated on appropriately built road surfaces at recommended speed.
  5. Users will provide a note to the Owners insurance company. This is to confirm his secure driving past record.
  6. The Owner also provides the user with legal registration papers along with insurance policy copy of the vehicle. Past damages or accidents the vehicle dealt with has to be brought to notice of the user.
  7. The nominated driver will obtain appropriate license for concerned country and will fully abide by the relevant laws related to motor vehicle usage in that particular country.

Breakdowns and Repairs

1. The Owner will be responsible for any costs on account of breakdown which falls within the limits of standard usage for which the motor vehicle was intended.

NAME: Audrey Roberts         NAME: Jones Baker

DATE: 12/10/20101     DATE: 12/10/2010

SIGNATURE: Audrey Roberts         SIGNATURE: Jones Baker

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