A sample service contract is an official promise made between service hirer and the service provider. This contract lays down all the terms and conditions which are decided between both the parties.

Sample of Sample Service Contract

Contract Number: 111 B

Effective Date: October 11th, 2010

This employment contract is a legal commitment commencing on October 20th, 2010 and terminating on October 20th, 2012 by and between Greenwoods Sales Pvt. Ltd and Mr. Sandy Grey for providing the services on the designation of Manager- Sales.

Whereas the employee contact details are as following:

Postal Address: 34- H, New Lake City,

Ottawa, Canada

Phone Number: 4390 684 7805

Underneath are the term & conditions on which the employer and the employee are agreed:

(a) Job Responsibilities & Duties:

The candidate will be responsible for generating sales, initiating with potential customers and implementing certain policies in order to increase the sales and benefits his department.

(b) Salary & other Allowances:

The employee will be paid an amount of $ 6700 in his account on the 7th of each month. A brief list of additional allowances & benefits will be mailed to the candidate a day before the salary date.

(c) Termination:

Any illegal attempt and misconduct may lead to the termination of the candidature during the tenure.

(d) Renewal of Contract:

If the employs posses’ excellent presence of mind to benefits the management, the employer can renew this contract.

(e) Certification:

If the candidate completes the tenure successfully, he will be rewarded with an experience certificate.

Hereby, both the parties are agreed to the above mentioned covenants and are signing the contract as following:

Name of the Authority:

Tia Hudson

Signature of the Employee:

Sandy Grey

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