A sample separation contract is a legal document drafted when two individuals or organizations agrees to separate in terms of personal life or professional life. The contract has details like the kind of separation it is and the properties to be separated and the percentage in which the properties are to be shared.

Sample Separation Contract

Separation contract number: RS5421

Date Of registration: 2nd April, 2010

This separation contract has been drafted and entered between John Shaw referred to as the husband and Campbell Bradley referred to as the wife.

The husband and wife were legally married on 10th of June, 2008.

Details of children:

Ron Shaw, son two years old

Daisy Shaw, daughter ten months old

Both husband and wife have been staying together at the following address since they got married:

41 Glenn Park Street,

New York, New Jersey 5214.

Personal details of husband:

Contact number: 52413658

Email id: jo@male.com

Personal details of wife:

Contact number: 52413674

Email id: jo@fmale.com

As per the contract there are few terms and conditions to which both the parties need to agree:

  1. The husband will be giving the wife a monthly amount of $2000 for maintenance.
  2. The custody of both of the children will go to the husband as he is an earning individual and capable of taking care of his children.
  3. The wife has the right to stay in the family home. In that case the husband has to look for another residence.

Signature of the attorney: Henry Lee

Signature of the husband: John Shaw

Signature of the wife: Campbell Bradley

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