A sample sales contract is a professional commitment between the two organizations or individuals, whereas one is the buyer and another is the owner.

Sample of Sample Sales Contract

Contract Number: 178- BH

Date: October 10th, 2010

This contract is commenced between Steven & Sons Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter referred as the seller And Blue Mount Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter known as the buyer.

Whereas the seller is seeking to hire the buyer to sell the material and the buyer is willing to provide the services to the seller.

This contract is starting on October 13th, 2010 and is ending on October 13th 2012. Hence, this contract is valid for two years.

Here, following are the covenants and conditions agreed by both the parties:

(a) Working Conditions:

The buyer has to follow the certain selling methods as defined by the seller.

(b) Payment Modes:

The buyer has to submit an amount of $456 to the seller to buy the registration, whereas the buyer will be paid the 15% of the total sales. The mode of payment for both the sides will be the bank submission only.

(c) Seller’s Obligations:

After receiving the full payment, the seller will transfer the rights of the goods to the name of the buyer.

(d) Termination:

Any violation or misconduct occurred to the agreed clauses can lead to the termination of this contract. If the buyer is unable to sell the issued material, the termination is valid for the sales as well. This clause is applicable to both the parties.

Therefore, both the parties will sign the following section to accept the Sales Contract:

Signature of the Seller:

Julia Joann

Signature of the Buyer:

Brad Timberlake

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