A sample rental contract is a formal commitment entered between 2 individuals or organisation in order to hire or rent some vehicle, apartment, room or some other assets. This contract is agreed between the property owner and the renter.

Sample of Sample Rental Contract:

Rental contract Number: 89/RC

Effective date of registration: November 24th, 2010.

This contract is commenced between Mr. David Colman, residing at: House No. 78, Rainbow Street, brown colony, Toronto, Canada, hereinafter referred as the Property Owner


Ms. Samantha Spencer’s permanently located at: 45/ K, Wing- D, Dove Apartment, Salt Lake Street, Toronto, Caned, hereinafter called as the renter party. Together referred as”both the parties”

Both the parties are interested to commence the deal with each other for renting the property.

Date of commencing the contract is November 26th, 2010 and is terminating on November 26th, 2011.

Following mentioned are the term & conditions for both the parties to accept this contract:

  • Obligations of the Property Owner:

The property Owner will provide the basic facilities, including furniture, electricity, water and regulation, etc.

  • Payment Term:

The tenant will make a monthly payment of $ 560 on the 6th of every month and will receive the receipt for the same.

  • Termination & Renewal clause:

This rental contract can get cancelled if any miss- conduct is recorded from any of the parties. The contract can be renewed with the approval of the property owner and the tenant.

Hereby, the parties will accept the contract by signing the rental contract:

Signature of the Property Owner:

David Colman

Signature of the Rental Party:

Samantha Spencer

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