A sample remodelling contract is made between a builder contractor and an interested individual or an organization in order to remodel the house or building.

Sample Remodelling Contract

Contract Serial Number: 67- H

Effective Contract Date: October 9th, 2010

This remodelling contract is initiated by and between:

Name of the Contractor: Wilma Corporation Pvt. Ltd

Postal Address: 45- J. Wing C,

New Lake City,

Ottawa, Canada

Contact number: 6840 230 6580

Hereinafter, known as “constructor organization”


Client (Organization/ individual):  Smith & Company Pvt. Ltd

Correspondence Address:  56- H, Flower Enclave,

Peter Street

Ottawa Canada

Phone Number: 4300 539 5730

Hereinafter, called as “Renter Organization”

As per the requirement, the constructor organization has to complete the remodelling of the building within 5 months. Hence, this contract is valid from October 20th, 2010 and is ending on March 20th, 2011.

Underneath are the term & conditions agreed between the renter & constructor organization:

(a) Payment Terms:

According to the commitment, the amount of $ 78000 will be paid to the constructor organization before starting the work as a support amount. This payment will be transacted to the provided account, whereas the rest amount will be cleared after completing remodelling of the building.

(b) Termination:

In case the hired organization is not delivering the desired outcome or creating issues against the committed term & conditions, this contract will be treated as terminated.

(c) Material & Losses:

The renter organization will assign an exhibit of desired colour, material and quality. Any kind of loss occurred during the construction project that will be covered under the pending payment.

Hereby, both parties are signing the following section in order to accept the covenants:

Name of the Concerned Person:

Susan Will Smith


General Manager

Name of the Authorised Person:

Jude Timberlake



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