A contract which mentions the rules and regulations to be followed in an employment is known as a sample employment contract. The contract is a legal document and is made so that there is no misunderstanding between the employer and the employee in the future.

Sample Employment Contract

Contract Number of Employment:  D-20

Contact Effective Date:  October 15th, 2010.

This contract, which  is a legal document marks out the policies of the employer and the expected behaviour of the employee based on which Mr. Mark Nicholson will be hired by Zen corporation for the designation of Relationship Manager.

The residence of the employee is at:

Address: – 6230 Napean street,

Los Angeles, CA 90097.

Phone Number: 3452- 238- 3905


The office of the employer is located at

Official Address: – 56- Harrington Street,

Los Angeles, CA 90058.

Business Phone:  6904- 720- 7204

The validity of this contract is from October 15th, 2010 to October 14th, 2012.

Below mentioned are the policies , rules and regulations of the company:

(a)Department: The employee will be joining the client servicing department.

(b)Remuneration: The employee will be receiving a remuneration of $100000 dollars annually and will be paid on a monthly basis.

(c) Job profile: The employee will be directly in contacts with the clients, taking a note of the issues faced by them and trying to solve them. He will be helping in retaining the client.

(d)Termination: The employee needs to follow the rules and regulations. If he is found misconducting, he can be terminated by the employer without any notice.

Both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions by signing on this contract:

Signature of the Employer: Shane Watson

(On behalf of Zen Corporation)

Employee Signature: Mark Nicholson.

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