Sample development contract is a sample contract which is made between two parties, where one party hires another party for the work of development of some kind. Such sample development contracts are useful for those who need reference contracts for drafting their own.

Sample development contract:

Contract code: ret/45

Effective date of formation of contract: 12th July, 2011-06-14

This development contract is made between two parties known as OWNER and DEVELOPER. This development contract is made for the development purpose of development of a plot.

Details of OWNER:

Name: Mr. Kelly George

Address: AG-80, Friends colony, LA

Phone: 473973950505

Details of DEVELOPER:

Name: Mr. Rad Dawson

Address: 34/l, Greg Street, LA

Phone: 4730950945846

Details of plot:

Address: 12-p, red lane end, LA

Area of plot: 2 acres

This contract makes both the parties obliged to satisfy and fulfil certain duties and responsibilities. The following are the terms and conditions of the development contract:

  • Payment Specifications

Total amount to be paid to the DEVELOPER: $10000 for the entire duration of the contract.

This amount shall be paid as 10 parts of equal amounts.

  • Term of contract

Terminations of contract: 12’Th July, 2012

Total period of contract: 12 months

  • The OWNER must pay the amount as decided among the parties.
  • The DEVELOPER must complete with the development of the site on time and must fulfil all those duties which are assigned to him.
  • The OWNER must not hire any other party for the development work of the same site.


Kelly George             Rad Dawson

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