A sample dealership contract is a sample contract which is made between a manufacturer and a party which is interested in getting dealership for selling the products produced by the manufacturer. Such a contract is legal in nature which means that violation of its terms and conditions can lead to legal implications.

Sample dealership contract

This contract is being made effective on the date 19th July 2011 and has been drafted on 15th July 2011

This contract is made between the following parties


Name: Jacob cloth materials

Owner: Jacob Brown

Company’s registered address: 34-o, York building, London


Name: Mr. Radisson Mathew who runs a mall named as Mathew Square mall

Address of mall: D-78, prince will road, London

The COMPANY manufactures polyester fibre and cotton suiting and shirting’s in wholesome amounts and wishes to grant dealership to the DEALER to sell the products at his mall.

Total dealership amount: $50000

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:


This contract shall be in effect for 12 months and shall terminate on 19th July 2012

  • The entire amount will be paid before the effective date and the order shall be received on the effective date as well.
  • The DEALER must use the COMPANY’S name only for the purpose of sale and advertisement.
  • The COMPANY can ask for sale records and details at any given time for personal evaluation purposes.
  • The next stock shall be received 15 days in advance.

Both the parties hereby agree to the terms and conditions of the contract

Jacob Mathew

Radisson Mathew

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