A sample consulting contract is a legal document which is entered by the consultancy service provider and the individual who wish to attain the services. This type of contract lays down all the terms and conditions.

Sample Consulting Contract:

Consulting Contract Number:  R- 07

Effective Date of contact:  November 05th, 2010.

This consulting contract is an authorized document. It is based on legal code & conducts to hire the consulting services of Ms. Julia Hepburn for Elite Marketing & Services. The contract is valid for three years.  The candidate will provide her services on the designation of Consulting Manager.

The employee address is

1479 Lindale Avenue

Oakland, CA 9454 Phone Number: 3269- 097- 3802

The employer organization is located at

Official Address: – 1301 Quincy Street

Philadelphia, PA 1089

Business Phone:  6870- 6785- 0956

This consulting contract is valid from November 05th, 2010 to November 05th, 2013.

Underneath the workings promises and conducts are mentioned, which are to be followed by the employee during the tenure:

(a) The employee is hired in the Consultancy department, where she will work under in the Team of Mrs. Marylin Hooper (H.O.D)

(b)Salary: Monthly break up for the salary is as following:

Basic Salary: $ 8000

Total Benefits:  $1000

Other Allowances: $500

Total claimed Amount to be paid monthly: $ 9550.

(c)Termination of Contract: In case of misbehavior & infringement to the mentioned term & conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Thus, both the parties are agreed to the above mentioned terms as the signatures stated below are the proofs:

Signature of the Employer: Kimberly Wenson

Employee Signature: Julia Hepburn

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