A construction contract template is a fully detailed and described format for an agreement made between contractor and the client for any construction work. It gives details of type of construction work and terms and conditions to be followed.

Sample Construction Contract Template

[   ] construction company herein known as the CONTRACTOR is ready to enter into an agreement with the undersigned-


Name: [Name and designation of the client]

Address of site: [address of construction site]

Phone: [Contact Number]               email: [email address of client]

Site Details:

Area: [area in esq.]

[Plus other important worth mentioning details relating to the site]

Payment details:

Total amount: $[amount]

Payment mode: [cash/credit card]

Advance payment: $[amount]

The construction work shall begin on [day], [month], [year] and the estimated time for completion will be [ ] months.

Terms and conditions to be obliged by:

  • The client hereby agrees to employ [  ] contractor to arrange all materials, labor, tools and machinery. No other company or individual shall be employed for the same work.
  • The construction shall be done according to the sketches submitted by the architect to the chief designer.
  • The contractor should be able to produce the insurance of all the workers in case of injury or death or disease on construction site.
  • The contractor should be able to complete work on time and avoid delays.
  • The contractor shall not change designs or other specifications without prior written consent of the client.

The client and the company hereby agree to the details of the contract:


(Client)                (Company)

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