A sample commercial contract is a written document which is a sample of a commercial contract. Any such contract is formed when a commercial piece of property or a good is given on lease or for use from one party known as lessor to the other known as lessee. These kinds of contracts can be used for sample purposes and consist of legal terms and conditions.

Sample Commercial Contract:

Commercial Tenancy Contract

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his contract has been made effective on the date: 23rd June 2011

This contract has been made by and between Mr. Henry Lawson who is the owner or the LESSOR of the commercial space and Mr. Greg Ben who is the LESSEE of the commercial property.

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Address: M-90, first floor, pearl square, London

Contact number: 479304353219


Address: A-78,second floor, Paul estate, London

Contact number: 479373950504

Commercial property details:

Address: 23-j, 8th floor, Verizon building, London

The space consists of two blocks and 5 cabins

The LESSOR agrees to rent the commercial place to the LESSEE for 12 months.

The rental charge for one month: $5000

Total rent: $60000

Termination date: 23rd June 2012

Terms and conditions:

  • The LESSEE must pay the due amount within first week of every month to the LESSOR
  • The LESSEE must use the space only for office or other commercial purpose.
  • The LESSOR holds the right to inspect the space at any given time of the contract term after informing the LESSEE.


Henry Lawson

Greg Ben

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