A sample business contract is a written copy enriched with legal terms and official promises made between the parties entering into the business deal.

Sample of Sample Business Contract

Business Contract Number: 134- B

Effective Date: October 13th, 2010 as this contract is sealed on the same date

This is an official declaration made by and between Lemma Sales International Pvt. Ltd, hereinafter called as the Employer, located at: Wing- C, DSL Building, New Baker Street, Toronto, Canada And Smith Distributors Pvt. Ltd., hereinafter known as Lessee Party whose address is: 34/ C, Office No: UI- 12, Industrial Area- B. Toronto, Canada.

Whereas the employer is interested to hire the Lessee party and the Lessee party in willing to provide the sales & marketing services to the Employer.

Underneath mentioned articles should be treated as terms & conditions during the tenure:

(a) Responsibilities & Duties:

As per the contractual discussion, the lessee party will do the best to distribute the products in Toronto, Canada. Undoubtedly, the Lessee party will not use the same contract to distribute the product to other Canadian regions.

(b) Payment:

The employer will make a payment of $ 4500 in advance as the supportive amount along with the marketing material, whereas the rest amount will be transacted after six months.

(c) Termination:

Unsatisfactory performance of the Lessee party and any obligation to the above mentioned covenants directs to the cancellation of this business contract.

Hereby, Both the parties are agreed to CTC the business contract:

Signed by the Authorized Person of Employer Organization:    Designation:

Tina Hudson                                                                                   General Manager- Sales

Lemma Sales International Pvt. Ltd.

Signed by the concerned person of Lessee Party:                        Designation:

Jenny D. Peter                                                                          General Manager – Distribution


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  2. Ramiro Barrera says:

    dear sirs I want to know if is legal to use articles, of the international chamber of commerce in a international bussines contract
    we sale iron fe ore to some countries thanks.

  3. Ramiro Barrera says:

    please inform me if is right to use the logo icc in a international contract of bussines?

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