A salon franchise contract is a legal document drafted whenever an individual or an organization opens a salon under the brand name of a famous chain of salons. The contract has the terms and conditions that the franchise holder has to follow.

Sample Salon Franchise Contract:

Contract number: G412

Date of registration: 12th of February 2011.

This contract is being entered into by Miss. Sarah Lee and Boreal Group of Salons to open a franchise under the Boreal Group at the following location:

41 High School Street,

New Carolina, South Dakota 5214.

The personal details of both the parties are mentioned below:

Sarah Lee

Residential address: 4512 Aspen Road, New Carolina, South Dakota 6742

Mobile number: 0178489564

Email id: sarah@mail.com

Boreal Group of Salons

Office address: 2732 Ivory Road, New Carolina, South Dakota 6742

Office number: 45218965

Website: www.boreal.com

The terms and conditions stated in the contract are as follows:

  1. The salon should have a minimum area of 1000 sq feet.
  2. The staff and the stylists at the salon need to undergo a training conducted by the salon group.
  3. The franchise holder should provide service and treatments prescribed by the salon group.
  4. The salon should have infrastructure as per the standard set up by the salon group.
  5. The charges in the salon will be as per the standard charges in all salons of the salon group.
  6. An amount of $75, 000 will be paid by Sarah Lee to the Boreal Group of Salons as a security deposit.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above mentioned terms and conditions by putting their signature below:

Signature of franchise holder:                                              Signature of the salon group:

Sarah Lee                                                                                       John Woo

(CEO, Boreal Group of Salons)

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