A sales representative contract is a deal between a company and a sales representative who agrees to promote the sale of the company’s products in a particular geographical area. The sales representative has contacts with retailers, wholesalers and consumers and it is his job to present the company’s products to these parties and get more orders for the company.

Sample Sales Representative Contract:

This retail sales contract is entered on September 11, 2011 by and between the following parties:


Name: Magic Textiles Inc

Address: 22 Northbrook Estate, Ohio

Phone number: 8758484984


Name: George Jose

Address: 51 Street, Ohio

Phone number: 6576575767


Magic Textiles is engaged in the manufacture, sale and distribution of textiles and tapestries and as per the contract, the sales representative will promote the company’s products in North Ohio.

  • The Company has the right to select and appoint distributors in the Sales Representative’s territory.
  • If the Sales Representative does not meet the required targets, he may be removed from this post.
  • The Sales Representative will use his greatest efforts to get orders for the Company’s products by promoting the products clearly to the retailers and consumers.
  • The Sales Representative will solicit orders on behalf of the Company keeping into count the rates fixed by the Company.
  • The Sales Representative shall not speak negatively about the competing firms’ products.
  • The Sales Representative cannot promote any product without approval of the Company

The undersigned understand and agree to the terms and conditions mentioned above.

Signature: Magic Textiles Inc

Signature: George Hose

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