A sales job employment contract is a contract or a legal document which is framed between a company and an employee who has been hired at a sales job position. These contracts talk about the various employment conditions which the employee has to follow and also give the terms and conditions which both the parties have to abide by as long as the contract remains effective. Sales job employment contracts also mentions the various duties which the employee has to fulfill at the job. A sample has been provided below.

Sample Sales Job Employment Contract

This sales job employment contract has been formulated between the EMPLOYER and the EMPLOYEE.

Effective date of employment (contract): 1st June 2012

Effective term of contract: 36 months

Termination date of contract: 1st June 2015

The EMPLOYER agrees to hire the EMPLOYEE at the position of a senior sales executive.

The details of the parties are given below:


Name of company: Martin fabrics

Name of owner: Martin D’Souza

Official address of company: Friends colony, 234, London

Contact number: 470934750


Name of employee: Bill Black

Residential address with zip code: 345/T, first floor, Jackson Avenue, London

Contact number: 472390730

Details of Employment:

Job position: senior sales executive

Working days: Monday-Saturday

Work timings: 9 am to 5pm

Salary: $1000 per month

Terms and Conditions of the Contract:

  • The EMPLOYER agrees to hire the EMPLOYEE at the senior sales executive position.
  • The EMPLOYEE will be responsible for performing the duties mentioned in the offer letter.
  • The EMPLOYEE is entitled to 15 leaves in one year.
  • The EMPLOYEE cannot resign from work before the termination of this contract and if he/she does so, he shall be entitled to pay a fee to be decided by the EMPLOYER.


Employee: Bill Black

Employer: Martin D’Souza

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