A sales executive is that employee of the sales department of a company who is responsible for making sales or selling off the products or services to a customer or client. Whenever an employer hires an employee at the position of a sales executive, he/she signs a formal employment contract which is known as a sales executive employment contract.  A Sales executive employment contract is a legally enforceable document which is used to specify the roles and responsibilities of involved parties, especially that of the sales executive who is hired.

A sales executive employment contract is a document which begins by giving the personal details of the involved parties including the names, contact numbers and addresses. The document must also give the salary figure of the sales executive along with the other benefits and perks. The contract must also state the duties which the sales executive will need to fulfil once he/she is appointed. It is also important to mention the commencement date, termination date and the effective length of the employment. The terms and conditions are the most important part of a sales executive employment contract and should specify all the major clauses and covenants.  The document must be signed by both parties at the bottom.

Sample Sales Executive Employment Contract :

Sales Executive Employment Contract

Download Sales Executive Employment Contract 


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