A sales contract letter is a formal document which is used as a contract and is sent from one party to another who is involved in a sales related agreement or deal. The parties involved in such a contract are the SELLER and the PURCHASER and the letter is sent from one to another in order to confirm all the details and terms and conditions of the contract. These letters are widely used and are legally binding in nature. Given below for your reference purpose is a sample of a sales contract letter.

Sample Sales Contract Letter:


Greg Timothy

Owner, Timothy Footwear

3-90, First floor, Robert tower, London


Date: 20th June, 2012

Subject: Sales contract letter

Respected Mr. Greg

I, Mathew Black have decided to buy footwear from your company on the basis of a contract deal for a period of 12 months starting from 25th June 2012. I agree to the offered discount of 12% for every order.

You shall be termed as ‘SELLER’ and my company shall be the ‘BUYER’.

Termination date of contract: 25th June 2013

I have gone through all your conditions and would like to confirm them with you once again.

Terms and conditions:

  • The BUYER shall be liable to pay the due amount of the order on the date of delivery which must not exceed two week after order placement.
  • The BUYER shall return all footwear with a fault or damage to the SELLER.
  • The SELLER must discuss the item numbers with the BUYER over the internet or the phone connection.

Thanking you,

Mathew Black

56-h, third floor, Martin mall, London


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